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Reasons Why Waterjet Cutting is Preferred

The technology of waterjet cutting is able to cut a range of substances apart from tempered glass or even ceramics by using really high stress of water and can even cut through metallic or titanium materials after an abrasive is introduced to the procedure. The waterjet cutter has a nozzle that facilitates easy switch from waterjet cutting that uses water only or one incorporated with an abrasive to make it an abrasive waterjet cutter. The waterjet cutting technique is highly priced, however most industries are presently making use of it, this is because it is versatile and easy to switch between the two methods that are waterjet cutting or abrasive waterjet cutting.

There is a wide range of applications of waterjet cutting and this is because there are advantages associated with its use, this chapter will look at the benefits of waterjet cutting. Alternative methods of cutting materials that are being used in the cutting industries tend to cause rough edges during the procedure that warrants an additional finishing process to make them smooth, however the waterjet cutting process does not expose the material to heat hence giving precise cuts that do not need any extra work done manually as is expected from cutting that has been exposed to heat from a flame or laser cutting process.

An importance associated with using the waterjet cutting technology is that it is programmed and has built-in geometric designs that make sure the cutting process runs smoothly and the effect is precise. There are no limitations to what the waterjet cutting technology can do especially when it is reinforced with the abrasive material which enables it to cut through any width of thickness, this is because it is more than capable of cutting through any material, be it rocks, steel, glass, ceramic or even rubber.

Most industrial processes are known to produce waste that is hazardous to the environment, given that we live in an era where there are tons of campaigns advocating for environmental friendly practices, then the waterjet cutting process has a significant benefit because it does not emit waste that is hazardous such as gases or fumes, that could be produced from other technologies used in the cutting industry. Another benefit of the waterjet cutting is that it is faster than many cutting tools that are conventional this makes it stand out in the industry where people aim at making profits by using technologies that will save them both money and time.

This chapter has checked out the advantages of waterjet cutting and what makes the technique superior and very competitive in the current market that is very demanding.

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