How to Improve Your Product Packaging

If you make a product for sale on the market, whether that’s in stores or through your website only, you know that manufacturing something of top quality is essential. Without that, you’ll never be able to compete in a marketplace that’s already pretty crowded.


Your packaging might make more of a difference than you think though. Much like a home’s lawn at an open house, the packaging you use for your product gives customers some clue of what your product is like before they open it. Even if they were expecting something great, product packaging can quickly make them reevaluate their expectations.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can improve your product packaging so customers are excited about your brand. A little bit of plastic or a colorful logo might do more than you think in terms of customer excitement.

Go Bold

When you’re creating packaging for a product, one of the best things you can do is use a bold color scheme and large font. While this might sound obvious to some, many people simple forget that bold is often better when consumers are viewing a new product.

Whether you pick a bold black and white color scheme or something brighter is up to your brand and particular product being sold.

Don’t Make Exaggerated Claims

A big part of product packaging, at least in most cases, is telling consumers why they should buy your product and what the product does. The fact is that most consumers are tired of exaggerated claims that state a product is the best in the world and the like.

Instead, talk about the durability, performance and overall quality of your product and brand. Consumers are much more likely to buy into durability than they are another sticker that boasts the world’s greatest product is in their very hands.

Consider Safety

Another consideration when you’re dealing with product packaging is safety. If you’re shipping something breakable for example, you need to make sure that your packaging doesn’t end up hurting somebody. If your product is broken during shipping, will the customer still be protected?

Safety also means the safety of your product. Through extensive package testing through packaging services you should be able to find something that’s visually appealing and durable enough to prevent regular breakage. After all, you don’t want to ship a product that you know will regularly just be a loss for your company.…