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If you were to ask somebody what they thought prevention is, chances are high that they would describe prevention as things that one can do when they are not sick so as to prevent them from becoming sick and though this is true, there is more to prevention than what most people realize. Prevention in medicine can be divided into three, primary prevention, secondary prevention and tertiary prevention. Primary prevention entails laying focus on the prevention of a particular ailment at the root level, even before the occurrence of any health problems. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy, regular exercise and avoiding smoking and drinking are some activities that are associated with primary prevention. This can be described as lifestyle medicine and it is known to be the base for functional medicine. Functional medicine can seem to be quite an ambiguous term for those who have not come across it before.

Functional medicine is fast becoming a popular term in the medical industry because of doctors pushing for it to become the future of healthcare. Functional medicine is the contrast of conventional medicine. Though conventional medicine has helped a lot of people today, it has failed to treat those who suffer from chronic ailments. Chronic conditions such as allergies, digestive and hormonal problems are getting solutions in functional medicine.

We can look at functional medicine in five basic principles. Firstly, every individual is looked at independently. This basically means that the focus in this health care approach is on the individual instead of the disease. Another functional medicine principle is that it is science based. Studies done in the past show that a network of complicated relationships is connected to what happens within us and so in a bid to understand the functioning of the body, functional medicine looks at these relationships. Functional medicine is also based on the principle that the body on its own is intelligent and therefore has the power to self-regulate itself.

Functional medicine doctors also believe that the body is capable of healing and dealing with nearly all ailments of aging. Functional medicine doctors look at health a very broad manner, that it is not only the absence of a disease, but also immense vitality, meaning that not being sick does not necessarily mean that one is healthy.

Functional medicine is all about getting to the cause of a loss of function unlike conventional medicine that focusses on the disease itself. Functional medicine aims at restoring the body’s normal balance. Functional medicine is so successful in fighting chronic illnesses because the patient is looked at individually and then a personalized health plan is made depending on the patient’s history and other factors unlike in conventional medicine where the focus is on the disease though individuals are different genetically and each person has a unique biochemical. The future seems bright for functional medicine.

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