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Healthy PretzelsIf you are searching for a easy no-bake treat for the holidays or for homemade Christmas gifts, attempt these scrumptious white chocolate candy cane pretzels. Consuming higher protein snacks might mean that you can minimize the calorie intake of one of your other meals. Omelet If you have got your personal spot, practice your cooking skills by generating a wholesome omelet for a snack. Ants on a Log Bring back your childhood with this snack that delivers up a serious crunch and some protein to power your brain.

I have not attempted working with any substitutions in this recipe however, but for the applesauce I would suggest 100% pure canned pumpkin puree, sweet potato puree, or any other pureed fruit. Use slotted spoon to get rid of pretzels from boiling water and location on baking sheet.

Chocolate Mousse Chocolate mousse does contain a fair quantity of sugar, but it really is also considerably lower in calories and fat than ice cream. Let the popcorn cool off and put handfuls of it into baggies for ready-to-eat snacks. There is such a wide selection of chocolate colors accessible now that it is easy to change it for each and every season.

Fruit Smoothie Blend up fruit, milk and yogurt to make one particular of these tasty treats. All it takes is a little preparation either the night prior to or as you are receiving ready for function. NOTE: Be pretty gentle with the pretzels when you transfer them from the boiling water back to the parchment paper lined baking sheet.

Okay, now get prepared for a serious surprise… I like salted pretzels more than these tooth-achingly sweet cinnamon-sugar pretzels. It turned out to be less difficult than I anticipated, dipping the pretzels and turning them more than, then draining on the perforated baking sheets.