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Learn About the Employment Discrimination Cases That Will Make You Hug Your Bosses

The things that people wish that they could not exist are many in number. One of these examples of the things that people wish that they could not exist is discrimination. One bad thing about discrimination is that it is very difficult for people to measure. People claim to have had other motives when they carry out discriminating acts. One of the places where discrimination cases are ramp is in the employment places. A lot of emphasis is laid on the need for people to hire an attorney when faced by a case of discrimination. This article seeks to highlight some of the employment discrimination cases that have happened for a very long time.

Hively vs Ivy Tech Community college is one of the worst ever employment discrimination cases to ever have been recorded in history. This is a case of employment discrimination based on one’s sexuality. An employee at the college failed to get a job at the college because she was lesbian

Another employment discrimination case to have ever happened in history is that of Cash Solutions ltd vs Powell. The case was filled in the United Kingdom. The content of the story is about a worker who suffered a certain type of injury that made it impossible for them to carry out their current jobs. Consequently, the worker had to be moved to a different role. Because of the change in the job of the worker, the company wanted the worker to have a pay cut. It is important to note that when the case was finally reported to court, the court held that it was illegal to reduce a salary of a worker because of an injury suffered.

Wonu vs Akwiwu and others is the other example of discrimination cases. The subject matter of this case was racial discrimination. The other discrimination case that this article seeks to highlight is Oberdefell vs Hodges. The main point of disagreement that caused the discrimination was same sex marriage. Same sex marriage was recognized to be finally legal by the courts of law when the case was presented to court.

This article will also detail an employment discrimination case of Grange vs Abeilo London ltd. Break time at work is the main issue that is said to have caused the discrimination here. The courts held that every employer is obliged to ensure that workers go for break. Workers should go for break time after every six working hours. Disability may be another issue that could case discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination cases always happen in most places despite the many equality campaigns. This knowledge on discrimination is very vital.