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The Many Great Benefits of Using Franking Machines

When sending out bulk mail for your business, having a franking machine would make the process of mailing them out a lot easier. This machine accurately calculates the postage each time you send out mail. With a franking machine your postage can be paid online, 24/7 but with the use of stamps you need to wait hours in line to buy your stamps.

If you are sending franked mail, the you are given increased discounts by the Royal Mail. Franked mail are discounted for the simple reason that it is easier and cheaper to handle while regular mail needs issuing of stamps which is manually processed. Discounts have been increased for the purpose of encouraging customers to purchase and use franking machines. The increased discounts is good for businesses since they can save in their mailing costs in the long run.

If your partners and customers will receive franked mail, then they will be impressed by the professional image that it brings. Adding your logo, a promotional text or a tag line to your mail is possible with a franking machine. Franked mail is a good way of advertising your company for free. You can include promotional texts in your mail to publish new tariffs, new services, or offers.

If you don’t know the weight of your mail, you sometimes end up overpaying and wasting money in the process. Franking machine have built it scales that can determine the weight of your mail and so you always pay the right postage. If you understamp your mail, it will cause inconveniences. The sender is usually charged for an undrstamped mail. The present practice is that the recipient is the one who pays for the understamped mail plus an additional handling fee. If you use a franking machine, you will avoid such inconvenience and embarrassment.

When stamps run out when we need them most, it can cause distress and aggravation. Franking machines will always allow you to mail your letters on time. These machine makes it very easy for outgoing mail to be processed.

Franking machines are also beneficial during tax season. You can claim refund for your expenses for postage costs since the franking machine can generate an accurate report on this. With the accurate postage costs incurred by all the departments in your company by the franking machine, it will help you to formulates measures to save on company spending.

Franking machines can be used by both small and large businesses. Its benefits would include savings on postage costs, convenience and savings on time.

If you are a small business with a large mailing list, you can enjoy many benefits with the use of a franking machine.

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