When Taking Percocet for Depression, Addiction is Possible

Depression affects a large part of the population. When people hurt or have trouble dealing emotionally, they often go on a downward spiral into the world of depression. Sometimes, people begin to use stimulants to lessen the pain of how they feel, and opiates are often the drugs of choice. While opiates mask the symptoms for a while, using them can lead to an addition, as in the case of people who use percocet for depression.

About Percocet

Percocet is an opiate that contains acetaminophen and Oxycodone. It is often given to patients after surgery to help reduce pain. It works by blocking the pain signals that are being sent to the brain, which can assist a patient during the healing phase after surgery. It is also prescribed as a pain reliever for a host of other problems as well.


Depression is a mood disorder that is quite common. It affects how a person perceives things around them. In most cases, a patient has little to no interest in activities and daily living. It can be treated successfully with medication, exercise, and therapy.

Opiate Addiction

Becoming addicted to prescription painkillers often goes unnoticed at first. However, as the patient begins to rely on the medication to reduce a specific level of pain, it may become ineffective at a certain point unless a higher dosage is taken. When this occurs, the patient has become addicted to the medication and cannot skip a dose without becoming extremely agitated over doing so. The body may insist on being given more medication through physical symptoms, such as sweating and increased pain, as well as emotional issues where the mind can only concentrate on getting more of the opiate, all of which becomes a vicious cycle for the addicted individual.


Backing off of an opiate usually requires medical intervention since the body may demand more of the opiate during the withdrawal period. When it fails to get it, the patient may become suicidal. It’s imperative that a person is supervised during withdrawal. Other medication may be used during this time to lessen the severity of the opiate withdrawal symptoms.

Depression often leads to an addiction to painkillers that have been prescribed to help. When this occurs, it’s important to recognize the problem and seek medical intervention. There are many other medications that can do the job of an opiate without causing an addiction problem in the process.